I, absolutely enjoy coming up with creative projects for the Internet! Below are my bootstrapped ventures at the moment:

Project #1:

Here, I come up with creative/memorable/cool names for various products, services, or initiatives. It could be for anything like a name for a startup, a brand, a podcast show, movies, books, vlogs, etc! So far, I have brainstormed close to 50 names!

Project #2:

A directory of useful Internet products and services from around the world. Uncover the coolest bootstrapped underdogs and the mighty titans of industry that could supercharge your startup journey and turbocharge your productivity!

Project #3:

Launched: 03 March 2024
An AI-powered vegetarian recipe generator focused on your daily calorie and macronutrient limits! Check it out:

Here is the Twitter announcement about it!

Project #4:

Launched: 06 April 2024

An online place to share your educational qualifications! Think of it like your LinkedIn space but only to showcase everything you’ve ever studied!
Visit the site: