Why not?

If we can read and write, why not talk too? 🙂 Talk in public about topics that interest you and get some attention!

I have 2 podcast channels – Manoj Speaks & Random Stranger Talk.

Manoj Speaks

Random Stranger Talk

  • Started in August 2023 – the idea struck me while speaking to a stranger at a shop.
  • Excited, I launched the podcast (the name, the logo, the recordings, the website) in 24 hrs!
  • As the name suggests, I talk to random strangers I meet on the streets 🙂
  • The podcast cover art was created on Canva.
  • Hosting platform: Spotify
  • The website RandomStrangerTalk.com built using Carrd.
  • Available to listen on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

I hope you enjoy listening to me!