39. Launched my first book – Chester the dino!

Super stoked to have launched my first book!

Officially, I am now an indie author! Who would’ve thought?

Let me introduce you to it:

It’s a kid’s illustrated book, and features a purple dino.

Who doesn’t love a dino, by the way?

You can get the book on Amazon. The link is below:


Both Kindle (ebook) and paperback versions are available.

In the first few days of launch, I had close to 15 sales! Feedback has been awesome from parents, uncles and aunts! Kids seem to be loving Chester too – the personality, the colourful pages and reading the content.

My aim now is to get the 2nd book out by July 2024, and then by the end-of-year have an animation series as well!

It’s been an exciting journey so far, and I hope to remain consistent with my creative explorations!

Let me know your thoughts about the book!

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