30. Almost quit coding

I come across so many Tweets like below all the time:

I learned to code from scratch 6 months ago, built a cool app recently, and now making so much MRR!

And that’s when I say to myself:

“Why am I struggling with studying code?”

I’ve been studying coding via a boot camp course since October 2023. So, far covered HTML, CSS, and Python and started Flask and SQL recently.


  • Everything is going over my head and unable to connect the dots on the subject matter.
  • Not able to easily come up with a logic for challenges.

Issues faced:

  • Inability to practice much due to a 9-5 job on weekdays, and assignments on weekends.
  • Need to watch the recorded lecture at least twice to understand but hardly any time.

I am reaching a situation where I can’t keep up. Maybe, coding isn’t for me. I am thinking of giving up and stepping out of the course. The course is expensive as well, and maybe I am wasting money if I don’t grasp it well and can’t use it in real life.

I had shared my worry with my classmates but they motivated me to keep going, not to be overly hard on myself, and not to try and remember all the syntaxes, etc. One of them asked me to create a cheat sheet as well, which I started yesterday. Another suggested I take notes the old-fashioned way (pen & paper). A few shared their difficulties in learning, time management & distractions, and that I wasn’t alone in this journey. All of these messages of support helped me so much, and if I come out of my boot camp study successfully, I owe it to them!

Lesson learned: When in trouble or confusion, always share with others. Don’t hold it inside and increase your chances of failing.

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