3. Art in business communication

Picture this: I’m casually going about my day when a burst of color stops me in my tracks!

It’s not a birthday card or an invitation to a wild party – it’s a marketing letter from UP BANK, a neo-bank backed by the mighty Bendigo and Adelaide Bank.

UP BANK has a mission: they’re all about the youth. They’ve been at it since 2018, and they’ve already roped in over 700,000 cool cats (well, customers). But it’s not just the numbers that grab attention; it’s their energy, speed, and of course, their vibrant colors.

When I say vibrant, I mean it. Their plastic card is as bright as a sunbeam, and their website? You might need sunglasses. But what truly caught my eye was their marketing material. It’s like opening a treasure chest of colorful cartoons, a riot of hues that leap right off the page.

Now, let’s talk art. I’m a sucker for companies that use creativity to spice up their game – whether it’s doodles, paintings, or digital art. It’s like they’re wrapping their product in a cloak of enchantment. Art has this way of making the unreal feel real, and it’s just as powerful as music and dance (maybe even more). Personally, I adore businesses that add doodles, cartoons, or minimalistic sketches to their branding. Maybe it’s because I’m an art lover myself; it just reels me in.

If you’ve ever cracked open a marketing textbook, you’ll know that a brand’s personality is like its heartbeat. Once you figure it out, you’ve got to share it with the world, consistently. That’s where the magic happens. But here’s the twist: when you use human models in your ads, people tend to judge – it’s in our nature. But when you bring out the big guns – figure illustrations and a splash of color – judgment goes out the window. You’re not sizing up a person; you’re admiring something creative. It’s like they hand you a “comic” book before they sell you a product. They’ve got you emotionally hooked, and that’s where art rules the roost. It grabs everyone, young or old.

So, there you have it – my two cents on why this colorful marketing letter from UP BANK made my day. Art, colors, and a brand’s personality are the secret ingredients that spice up life’s everyday adventures. Thanks for letting me share these thoughts with you!

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