28. The Poet coder and the functional coder

Embarking on a marathon study session this weekend, gearing up to wrap up my third assignment before Christmas, got me contemplating coding, coders, and the diverse approaches within the coding community. It dawned on me that there exist two distinctive archetypes: the poet coder and the functional coder.

The poet coder immerses themselves in the artistry of code, investing endless hours to craft something they deeply cherish and take pride in. On the flip side, the functional coder sees code as a means to an end, solving problems efficiently without being driven by the creative aspects. It’s almost as if the poet coder leans towards entrepreneurial ventures or teaching code, while the functional coder typically seeks or holds a job centered around fixing code-related issues.

Deciding which is superior proves to be a tough call; each role brings a unique essence to the coding world. However, what stands paramount is finding enjoyment in coding. When passion fuels both creation and problem-solving, the journey becomes more fulfilling. Pursuing coding solely for monetary gains might lead to frustration. Thus, introspection becomes crucial—why delve into coding?

For me, it’s about crafting captivating internet products! Post my bootcamp course, I might opt for employment to garner exposure and experience. Yet, within that professional realm, my aim remains rooted in innovation, fostering creativity while maintaining technical functionality.

The key lies in embracing the best of both realms and nurturing continuous growth.

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