27. Hearing from a coding alumni

Today, I attended an online LIVE Industry Insights Session with an alumni from my coding school. She talked about her experience as a coding student with no previous coding experience, then upon graduation worked for a startup, afterward worked for a corporate company, and then finally started her own startup company too!

This is what she shared with us:

  1. When you are in a coding boot camp, there’s so much new information thrown at you, and learning it quickly enough seems daunting! It’s like drinking from a fire hydrant.
  2. Your classmates stay with you forever because everyone is helping each other out during the course, and therefore these relationships are strong. Keep them!
  3. Both soft skills and hard skills are important, and they need to be exhibited in the right way.
  4. If you are struggling, you will always have the feeling of, “I am not tech enough” or “I was a fake”. Don’t let those imposter syndrome let you down. Be patient and keep learning.
  5. Attend meet-ups and talk to the people there – it’s the best way to get a coding job rather than applying to hundreds of jobs. 
  6. Don’t take rejection personally because the issue could be on the other side too, that is the employer. Maybe, they made the wrong decision or they aren’t organized enough in their selection process.
  7. When working at a startup company, coders should be willing to do whatever needs to be done there, and it may not necessarily be related to coding. It could be other things like customer service, tech support, or something else.
  8. When you complete a project, you feel fatigued. The best way to overcome it is to celebrate your achievement.
  9. You will always have areas in coding that you are good at, and there will be areas you are not good at. It’s OK. You don’t have to be an expert in everything. Just be good at one thing and it will help you succeed.
  10. When you are in a coding job, you will notice that most of the time you are working out solutions to a problem rather than just coding.

Great tips, I thought!

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