26. Thoughts of this world

As mid-December approaches, the holiday spirit seems to be catching on. It’s not just me feeling it; nearly everyone I talk to echoes the same sentiment. There’s an air of burnout lingering around. I suspect that the two years of lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic got people accustomed to a quieter, smoother, and less monitored environment. There was ample freedom to navigate their daily work routines. However, 2023 forced most people back into their office settings, and the adjustment to pre-COVID life hasn’t been seamless. Sometimes, I ponder over how I managed five full days at work back then! It’s intriguing to observe what our bodies and minds truly crave.

Today, despite feeling lethargic and lacking inspiration, I pushed myself to give my best to my team, stakeholders, and, ultimately, to myself. Reflecting on these relationships undeniably helped, but what truly motivated me was gratitude. I’m grateful to have a job, especially during a challenging economy. This job provides for my family’s needs, ensures life’s comforts, allows me to buy essentials like food and medicines, and lets me plan for the future. My thoughts drift towards those who aren’t as fortunate—those enduring hardships and struggling to access the basic necessities of life like security, food, medicines, shelter, clothes, education, or employment opportunities. My heart aches for those, especially children, facing poverty, war, disabilities, illnesses, and various other challenges.

These thoughts occupied my mind throughout the day. Upon reaching home at 8 PM, the skies unexpectedly opened up with heavy rain. It was quite a contrast considering the scorching day we had and the weather app’s lack of prediction. It felt as though even the earth was reflecting on the grim state of our world, shedding tears in solidarity.

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