24. Assignments now and dreams later (Day 55)

Happy Sunday!

As the sun shone brightly in Sydney beckoning one and all to the beach, I found myself immersed in a world of assignments and deadlines at home.

Firstly, the relief of finally submitting an assignment was exhilarating! It was a victory worth celebrating, yet my mind couldn’t completely let go. Despite submitting well before the deadline, that familiar pang of anxiety lingered. The temptation to review and perfect my work nagged at me, but I knew I had to redirect my focus to the next task at hand.

Enter the third assignment, a venture into building a simple Python application of my choice. Exciting, yet demanding. It’s not merely about coding; there’s a comprehensive set of requirements— a Readme file, a PowerPoint presentation, a video walk-through, and the use of a project management platform to track progress. The clock is ticking; everything needs to come together neatly within the next two weeks.

Dreams of exploration and travel loomed in my thoughts. Completing this coding course (mid-2024!) will be a milestone, a step closer to a future where I can afford the luxury of time for wanderlust. Maybe then, once I’ve conquered these assignments and wrapped up this course, I’ll reward myself with local or international travel. A celebration, a culmination of hard work and dedication, and cherishing the rewards of persistence and determination.

So, adventure travel will have to wait a bit longer, but when the time comes, it will be an adventure worth the wait.

This is Day 55 of learning to code. You can read my daily study journal here: emanoj.hashnode.dev or dev.to/emanoj


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