22. Navigating Assignment Submission and Feedback

Today was an exhilarating day – I got my score for the first assignment: 92%!

The task? Crafting a personal portfolio website from scratch using HTML and CSS. It’s a proud moment, especially considering I was a total novice in coding just a month ago.

The assignment score had not only come with the tutor’s positive comments on areas I went right, but also the areas where I lost marks, and how to fix it for the future. I found these very helpful and inspiring!

So, beyond the technical skills acquired during this assignment, I stumbled upon two valuable lessons: one on the effort put into submitting the assignment and the other on embracing feedback.

Assignment Submission

  1. Keep Calm: Treat an assignment as an opportunity to learn and evolve.
  2. Goal-Oriented: Shift focus from scores to the actual assignment objectives and instructions.
  3. Deep Dive into Instructions: Read, reread, and create your comprehensive checklist.
  4. Clarify Doubts: Don’t assume; seek clarification from peers, tutors, or colleagues.
  5. Time Management: Set deadlines to start and complete the task.
  6. Consistent Effort: Work on it daily, taking short breaks to stay fresh.
  7. Reflect and Plan: Maintain a journal, noting what worked, what didn’t, and where you need assistance.
  8. Checklist Adherence: Ensure completion of every task on your checklist.
  9. Self-Assessment: Evaluate your work and give it a score.
  10. Early Submission: Aim to submit early rather than waiting until the last minute.

Assignment Feedback

  1. Stay Calm and Learn: Embrace feedback as a learning opportunity, avoiding panic or defensiveness.
  2. Self-Reflection: Compare the score received with the one you assigned.
  3. Respect Privacy: Don’t inquire about others’ scores; instead, schedule mutual learning sessions where you go through each other’s work and approach.
  4. Thorough Review: Dive deep into the feedback, pinpointing areas needing improvement.
  5. Seek Guidance: Approach tutors or managers for solutions or validation of your proposed solutions.

It’s 10:30 PM; the night sky is cloudy with a gentle drizzle. Tonight, no other studies beckon. I’m mentally prepping for the next four days of intensive studying, ensuring my second assignment is 80% complete by then.

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