21. The balancing act in active living

Today was a marathon. The usual grind from home to work and back, packed with meetings and tasks. By the time I made it home, it was already 8 PM—quite the stretch from my usual 6:30-7 PM return. But hey, that’s life, especially when unexpected late meetings pop up. And now, as I jot down this journal, the clock’s ticking close to 10 PM.

Had my weekly sit-down with the boss today. Casual question from him: How was the weekend? I replied – It was all study for my bootcamp course. He seemed curious to know if it wasn’t too exhausting for me- juggling work all week and hitting the books on weekends.

Absolutely, it’s a drain, both mentally and physically! But you know the saying—no pain, no gain. Plus, I firmly believe in keeping the body, mind, intelligence, and soul in motion. It’s crucial; otherwise, an idle mind takes the reins, and that’s not a favorable scenario. Idle hands, devil’s workshop, and all that. Physical exercise for the body, educational pursuits for the intelligence, and spiritual activities for the soul—it’s the trifecta. These keep the mind in check.

When these three facets work together, life feels harmonious, and more in sync with nature. You discover your strengths, weaknesses, life’s openings, and where you might need a little extra. Sure, it fills your day and leaves you spent, but when I finally hit the hay, there’s this deep satisfaction in knowing I’ve given my all today. And that feeling, that’s gold.

So, if there’s one thing I’d suggest for a Monday or any day, it’s this: Stay active to find your relaxation.


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