19. Saturday Loops with Python

Day 40 Learning to Code

Saturday mornings often kick off with a four-hour coding lecture, setting the tone for a day of learning and exploration. Today, as the rain tapped against the windowpanes and the sky remained overcast, I found solace in the comforting embrace of my meditation playlist on Spotify. Rainy days hold a special place in my heart—the petrichor, the lush greenery, and the soothing sound of raindrops create an atmosphere that heightens my senses and leaves me feeling oddly hungry, all while I immerse myself in gentle melodies.

However, despite the allure of such a day, the commitment to learning persisted. The world of web development beckoned, demanding my attention and focus.

The journey into Python, my first programming language, commenced just last week. Understanding its nuances was anticipated to be a challenge. The basics had been covered in the previous week’s lectures, but today introduced a new concept: Loops.

Loops, I learned, are instrumental in iterating a set of commands until a specified condition is met. It’s akin to attempting to log into a website with an incorrect password repeatedly—it continues to fail until the right password is entered or the attempts are exhausted.

The instructor delved into various use cases, sparing only a couple of short breaks across the extensive four-hour session. By the end, my mind felt as if it had fallen into a loop itself!

Among the challenges tackled during the session were intriguing problems:

  • Determining if a word is a palindrome
  • Counting vowels and consonants within a paragraph
  • Sequentially listing a set of numbers

Python appears approachable in its logic—getting the problem-solving logic right seems to be the key. Yet, grappling with numerous syntaxes remains a challenge. It feels like there’s an entire world of syntaxes waiting to be remembered—I’m considering creating a personal cheat sheet to navigate through them.

My intention was to delve deeper into Python tomorrow, but looming on the horizon is Assignment 2, due in a mere two weeks. Failing to solidify the basics now might lead to a growing backlog of learning tasks. The race against time intensifies, urging me to carve out more moments for learning amidst a packed schedule.

As the clock strikes 10:30 PM, it’s time to bid adieu to the day and prepare for the challenges that await tomorrow. Good night, and until we meet again.

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