12. Is Aaachoo, a bless you?

I was thinking about spending $1000 on a project. Just then I sneezed. Does this mean something, is it a sign from the universe, or am I getting superstitious?

I decided to do some research.

From a superstition perspective, sneezing has been associated with various beliefs and interpretations throughout history, although these beliefs can vary across cultures and traditions.

  1. Blessing or Good Omen: In some cultures, sneezing is considered a positive sign, often interpreted as a blessing from a higher power or a positive omen for your endeavors. It might be seen as a sign that your project will be successful or that good luck is on your side.
  2. Protection from Evil Spirits: In ancient times, sneezing was sometimes believed to expel evil spirits or negative energy from the body. Sneezing was seen as a protective action that warded off potential harm or bad luck.
  3. Acknowledgment from Others: There’s a saying “Bless you!” or “Gesundheit!” (which means “health” in German) that people often say when someone sneezes. This custom likely originated from the belief that sneezing could temporarily expel the soul from the body, making the person vulnerable to evil spirits. Saying “bless you” was a way to protect the person and show care.
  4. Unsettled Spirits: Some cultures held the belief that a sneeze was a sign that your soul or spirit was feeling unsettled or vulnerable and that you needed to be cautious or take care of yourself to avoid bad luck.
  5. Random Event: On the other hand, many people today view sneezing as a random physiological response to irritants, such as dust or allergens, and don’t attach any superstitions to it.

Good to know.

I looked at what I was going to spend money on:

  • is it critical? If yes – spend it. So, then I go with (1, 5) above.
  • if no – wait. So, in that case, I go with (3,5) above.

I went with the wait.

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